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View of Lake George from Wiawaka - Creative Courage Retreat - image by Heather Koshiol :: LearnExploreShare.comLast month I spent a long weekend at a rustic women's center outside of Lake George, New York, for a retreat focused on the topic of creative courage. The experience left me with so much I want to do and so much I want to share here on the blog. For starters, I thought I'd throw out this basic framework for practicing creative courage.

Creative courage values overall process over final outcome and, as Julia Cameron writes in her book The Artist's Way, focuses on "the next right thing."

Creative courage treats "the next right thing" as an experiment, and approaches it with curiosity.

Creative courage keeps in mind that nothing about the experiment is set in stone. Whether something works or doesn't, the experiment's result is information that leads to "the next right thing."

Creative courage celebrates completed experiments; each experiment offers another piece of the creative puzzle. 

What would you add to this list? What will you do next as a creative experiment? You're invited to leave a comment here on the blog or over at the community group on facebook

Update (9.9.15) Once discussion got rolling here in the comments, I realized I left out a big element of creative courage: Vulnerability. You can read more about vulnerability in an post titled Learn: Digging Deeper into Fear, which references Brené Brown's life-changing work. (And, please, if you haven't yet been introduced to Brené, check out her TED Talk or read her books or watch her on Oprah; Brené is amazing!

If you're interested in connecting with others who strive to practice creative courage, here is a link to the facebook group associated with the Creative Courage Retreat.

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