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Share: Ideation Process {part 2}, or How I Came to Find Myself Doing Something Big

Over the past few weeks I have been sharing experiences from the Creative Courage Retreat in which I participated in mid-August. This post is a continuation of last week's post, Share: Ideation Process {part 1}

To recap what I've shared so far about the idea-generating process we followed during the retreat: first we each listed one idea per sticky note until we each had a wall-full of ideas; then we collaborated with one another by adding ideas to one another's walls.

Here's the personal story I omitted last week.

What I had been thinking of as "my project" expanded during the collaboration stage. My project transformed from something I could wrap my mind around to Something Big. Up to then, my project had involved writing and self-publishing my book idea as an e-book. 

"Is there a reason you want to self-publish your book?" asked Joan, one of the retreat facilitators. 

I flushed, knowing immediately what Joan was getting at. Her suggestion to pursue publication of my idea as a real, published, printed book was at once overwhelming and exciting and terrifying and amazing. "I keep myself small," I responded, tears in my eyes. "I tell people all the time—I've written on my blog—that we are the ones who most often hold ourselves back."   

Your playing small does not serve the world - Marianne Williamson -
I lettered this excerpt of the Marianne Williamson quote for a piece of personal art that hangs in my studio.


This is the power of collaboration, of community, of creative courage: the nudge and encouragement to expand into a bigger role.

The night of the collaboration session, I hardly slept. I lay awake in my cozy retreat room, pondering my creative opportunities. (Can I really do this?! I asked myself.) Before the sun rose the next morning, I had already begun preparing my next steps. 

And so I have launched myself into the river of creativity, embarking on the journey of crafting a book. I am prepared for a wild ride on the river. (I expect there to be rapids and eddies but hopefully not life-threatening plunges over the edge of a steep waterfall!) I have joined a Toastmasters group in order to bolster my confidence and to practice public speaking so that I'm ready to tell people about my book and eventually (gulp) to pitch it to an agent. I have participated in a class at the Loft Literary Center to learn how to write a book proposal. I have launched a local meetup loosely focused on the book’s topic. I have started a binder full of tasks that are all incremental steps toward creating this Something Big. (Watch for a future post about my binder!)

What is your Something Big? What dream do you have hidden within you? What nudge might help you bring life to your Something Big? The Learn + Explore + Share is a nurturing community—both here and at the facebook community page. You're invited to practice creative courage in sharing your Big ideas and dreams amongst supportive friends.

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P.S. Here's something else I'm ready to share: I have started weekly (very low-tech) broadcasts via Periscope! If you miss a live broadcast, you can find the archives here.

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