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Four years ago, Abundance was my Word of the Year. At the start of 2013, I set out to post an image that symbolized abundance with the idea that it would help me recognize where I already have abundance in my life.

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Until about Thanksgiving that year, I did pretty well with that daily practice. With Christmas preparations and celebrations keeping me busy, I dropped the ball after day 335. Once Christmas and New Years was over, I abandoned the project all together.

Until now.

Recently, I've been listening to the Magic Lessons Podcast with author Liz Gilbert. In a particular episode (titled "Know the Taste of Failure"), Liz talked with an improv performer who seemed to feel like he couldn't see a big project to completion, despite the fact that he had built a successful improv club where none had been before. Liz gave him the assignment to list all the things (big and small) in his life he had completed.

That got me thinking about my incomplete #abundance365 project. And I was reminded of the advice a friend gave me when I was getting bogged down in my #52birds project, namely that it's my project and the one making the "rules" is me. The one handing me a "failing slip" is me. The one who could choose self-compassion and readjust the parameters to enable my success? Me.

Today, June 1, I hereby recommit to completing #abundance365. With 30 days left of my 365-day project, I find it synchronistic to be at the start of a 30-day month. (I'm also mindful that I can allow myself to stretch into July if that's what it takes for me to count this project as complete.)

You're welcome to join me in a 30-day abundance challenge, or follow along on Instagram if you want. I will be posting on Instagram (where my handle is @learnexploreshare) using the tag #abundance365.

Here's to abundance and to finishing what I start!

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