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Here in Minnesota and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, the feel and smells of autumn are in the air; the summer season is nearly complete.

For me, Fourth of July is both the height of summer and the beginning of its swift downhill slope. It's a holiday that brings my family together for lazy days at the lake, and it's the event that felt like the perfect (extended) conclusion to my (extended) #abundance365 project.

Here's what I've taken away from the project's conclusion:

  • I can finish what I set out to accomplish! (365/365!)
  • Finishing feels good.
  • Looking back at all the images--both from this year and from 2013--bring me joy.
  • A joyful life depends on flexibility, (self) generosity and persistence.
  • As I wrote back in 2013 (Explore: A Daily Image Project), the patterns of my abundance and joy are clear.

Strewn throughout my house lie projects-in-waiting, from a forest scene painting on my easel the to hastily torn-off wallpaper border littering my bedroom walls to a partially assembled tote bag waiting patiently in a bin in the closet of my studio. What seems important for me to complete a project is for me to trust my heart to know which project is ready for my time and attention and, overall, to trust the creative process rather than to focus on a specific outcome. (Process over outcome is a recurring theme in the Twin Cities Artist's Way Meetup I co-facilitate. Clearly the theme comes up often because it's something my friends and I continually need reminding of in order to practice!)

What projects lie in waiting in your life? Which have been calling for your time and attention? How might you remind yourself to practice flexibility, generosity and persistence as you focus on the process of completion rather than the outcome? Leave a comment or connect with me on Instagram. I'd love to hear about your experiences!

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