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Heather Koshiol

If you follow me on Instagram (IG), you may have already seen this post. If not, here's a glimpse of what's been happening and what's to come ...

This is a photo of me in my morning face and morning hair with my doggie Willow (who wouldn’t cooperate for a photo because she’s too worried about people & dogs invading our neighborhood). In addition to my dog and my family and a mysterious & all-loving God, I love art—making it & appreciating it; I love hiking & camping & being outside; I love reading & learning; I love traveling & exploring & experiencing live music & theater; I love connecting with people. Instagram is my favorite social media platform, and all these things that I love are what you’ll primarily find in my feed.

As January comes to a close, I’m preparing to complete a Big Shift, one that’s been underway for the past year. The Big Shift involves sunsetting my blog,* discontinuing workshops. It involves creating clearings in my space and my schedule. It involves some letting go & some expanding. Along with my blog, I’m letting go of LearnExploreShare** and am embracing my Self.

I am Heather Koshiol. I live in suburban Minneapolis, MN. My hair has ever more salt in its pepper. I am working on a writing project and do not love to write. My life is simple and nothing close to perfect and I love it, even when I don’t love what’s happening in it.

Random other stuff: I love (LOVE) chocolate and am a self-proclaimed chocolate snob. I am an ISFJ with solid bookends (I & J) and a mushy center (I can waver on S/N & F/T). I like snow and dislike cold and love living where there are four distinct seasons.

Now tell me: Who are you? What do you love? What are you letting go? Embracing? Expanding?


* Since I posted this on IG last week, I've decided not to close down the blog. I have ideas for a redesign and reconfiguration, and the whole site will become something different at some point (hopefully soon) in the future. Stay tuned!

** Last week I changed my IG handle from LearnExploreShare to my own name. I've also let go of Learn + Explore + Share as a business. And there will be more changes to come as part of this Big Shift.