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Share: Into the Future

At the start of 2018, with the Minnesota trees standing dormant and snow covering the ground, I sat near the picture window in my living room and wrote out plans to shut down Learn + Explore + Share. Having decided to return to full-time employment, I announced that I had discontinued offering L+E+S workshops and that I would pull the plug on At the time, I felt that I was crossing to-dos off my list in preparation for travel or a big move, and I proceeded to investigate the best way to pack up the words and photos that have adorned my corner of the internet for the past several years.

As I prepared to relegate L+E+S to the cyber attic, I realized that The Guideposts still help me navigate my life on a weekly--if not daily--basis. I also recognized that I'd like to keep sharing what I learn as I continue to follow my curiosity through books and experiences and reflections. How, I wondered, might I honor L+E+S and also move toward what feels, to me, like a new place?

HeatherKoshiol Heather KoshiolToday is the seven-year anniversary of L+E+S's very first blog post. As spring has been blossoming in Minnesota, I have been in the process of building a new online home at The blog will keep the Learn + Explore + Share name, though its subject matter will shift to reflect my current contemplative explorations.

While I will continue to tweak the new site's design, I will begin to share new writing soon. Thank you for joining me on the journey into the future and for your continued support.

Heather Koshiol