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Isn't it strange how quickly life can change? A month ago, I was happy to flip the calendar to March, to be closer to spring (my favorite season) with its increased daylight and warmer weather. While the virus was on my radar back then, it seemed distant and somehow manageable. I didn't imagine how all-consuming and life-altering its arrival would be. After however-many days staying home now, it's easy for me to recognize feeling a false sense of security and a magical thinking that my friends and loved ones and me will remain untouched.

Some of my colleagues have described experiencing rollercoaster emotionsfeeling positive one moment and sad the next, having a good day today after yesterday had been difficult. I seem to be able to sleep well about every-other night. One night I'll lie awake feeling anxious about what the not-so-distant future might bring. The next night, probably from emotional exhaustion, I'll sleep straight through. I cannot begin to imagine the stress and anxiety being experienced by those working the front lineshealthcare workers, grocery store clerks, pharmacists, first responders. May they find strength to carry them through and respite before they break.

While I have scribbled in my intermittent Morning Pages about what my life has been like during this unusual time, I have decided against keeping a journal of these days. I considered creating an Instagram album to collect a documentation of pandemic photos but again decided that wouldn't bring me joy right now. Here are a few things that are bringing joy and gratitude to my heart these days:

  • my daughters being here at home, hanging out together, finding things to laugh about together
  • the weather cooperating with my plans to keep up my running plan
  • stable internet and video conferencing that allow me to connect with colleagues, friends and family
  • Susannah Conway's #AprilLove2020 photo challenge
  • having what I need in terms of food, shelter and resources for my family and me
  • watching the plants in my garden determinedly push their way out of the dirt toward the sun

How about you? How are you coping during these unsettling times? Where are you noticing moments of peace? What are you doing to find joy and celebrate small gratitudes?

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Be well,

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