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Learn: The Value of Marking Time

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Learn: Routines & Rituals Are Grounding

Thursday is one of the days when I participate in a weekly online professional gathering at noon. This week's topic was navigating disorientation, something we all seem to be able to relate to these days. (I bet you've seen the Blursday the fortyteenth meme.) My wise psychologist colleagues pointed out how routines serve to ground us and help us mark time. Now that many of us are working from home and routines and life are drastically disrupted, it's common to lose track of what day it is.

This insight has me thinking about ways I can introduce additional day-of-the-week routines to my current state of being. Artist Lisa Congdon keeps a daily journal that she shares in her Instagram stories. Knowing myself as I do, I likely wouldn't maintain a daily practice, but maybe I could journal each Saturday. I do have distinct routines on other days; for example, Wednesdays are grocery pickup days (which is pretty exciting), and each Sunday morning I read one chapter in a book called Onigamiising: Seasons of an Ojibwe Year (which begins in the season of spring, and which I started with the beginning of spring).

Yesterday I received the copy of Mary Oliver's A Thousand Mornings that I ordered earlier this week. Even though a daily practice doesn't tend to work for me, maybe I will try reading one of the poems each day, recording the day and date along with a couple brief thoughts right there in the book. Or maybe I can post a calendar in my work space and physically cross of the days to develop a more tangible sense of time.

Are you feeling disoriented about what day and/or date it is? Do you have daily rituals that help you mark time? What routines do you find helpful or comforting? Share your experience in a comment here on the blog; check in over on the facebook community page; or connect with me on Instagram.

Share: My Week in a Nutshell

In all honesty, this has been another rough week for me. I spent a few days in sweatpants all day and didn't shower for a few days. It's been cold and snowy (ugh) since last Saturday evening. Today was the first day I made it out for a run all week. Last weekend, however, I experienced a spark of creativity and dug into my paints for the first time in ages. Plus I redesigned Learn + Explore + Share, and the new header image makes me very happy. 

Another project that brings me flickers of joy has been a new playlist. This one is full of hope and playfulness. You can find it below (on Spotify) or on Apple Music.

Have music to recommend for a future playlist? Want to gripe or celebrate? Get in touch with me. I am here and willing to listen.

Wishing you peace & hope,

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