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Things I’m pondering doing but probably won’t actually do:

  • Sewing masks. (The many pattern options are overwhelming, so I’ve been using bandana-with-hair-tie masks.)
  • Growing vegetables in my backyard.
  • Making a Malaka Gharib–inspired zine for my grandma’s upcoming birthday.
  • Shaving my head a la Annie Lennox.
  • Growing my hair out to a bob a la 2012 me.
  • Giving various rooms in my house fresh coats of paint.
  • Washing our windows, inside and out. (Last Saturday, I did actually wash the family room windows and the front storm door inside and out.)
  • Baking an Apfelkuchen. (This might actually happen. Maybe.)
  • Planting morning glories from seed.

Things I’ve actually been doing the past couple weeks:

  • Sewing cushion covers for a sofa I inherited from my grandparents.
  • Eating roasted broccoli and cauliflower.
  • Consuming a reasonable (for me) amount of carbs & chocolate.
  • Getting out of bed every day.
  • Enjoying my work and missing my colleagues. And missing my friends and extended family.
  • Running two or three times a week.
  • Reading: a poem each weekday morning; an essay each Sunday morning; this novel (which I just finished); this memoir; this Anne Lamott book.
  • Admiring magnolia blossoms and tulips.


Heather Koshiol Share-Share: Lists in the Time of Coronavirus

This is what I'm holding in my mind as April comes to a close and we open the door to another month. What items are on your lists? Leave a comment below or on the facebook community page; or find me on Instagram and share thoughts with me there.