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Planning a four-day getaway to a northern Minnesota State Park led me to the topic of play. After thinking about taking a break from blogging, I wanted nothing more than to blog about taking a break. So from this breezy "office" full of majestic white and red pines, I will offer what I’ve been learning about the importance of play, a vital activity regardless of our age. Read more →

Explore: What You Love

My Three Things—the activities I love—stand like road signs, helping me make sure I continue down my true path. When I have a new opportunity or am asked to volunteer my time or skills, I can check my personal road signs. When I am choosing how to spend my time, I try to consider my Three Things. When I feel like I’m in a funk, I look at my Three Things to help me find a way out. And when I feel reluctant to walk down a new path, I check my Three Things to see whether that particular path is on my true map. Read more →

Striding toward Doing

I left my career a few years ago in hopes of avoiding burnout and recovering happiness. Since then, I have dabbled in this-and-that; I have done some volunteering; I have enjoyed family vacations; and I continue to have fun at my part-time job. But "something" has still been missing. Like... Read more →