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Taking a day off from projects at home this past weekend, we hit the interstate and drove a few hours to Lake Superior’s North Shore. I expected to return home feeling rejuvenated but was surprised to come home with a few more lessons in my hiking pack. My question for you today: What is your heart telling you? Read more →

Your heart's true path is paved with activities you are wired to do and love, given your unique interests, strengths and personality traits. Following your heart's true path gives your life meaning. Paying attention to how your heart feels, investigating your life events, imagining possibilities and answering your own tough questions can help lead you to the treasure that is your heart's true path. Read more →

We are the biggest obstacles to our own creativity and innovation. You can break through these obstacles by allowing yourself to learn from mistakes, avoiding imitation, giving yourself time and space to create art or ideas and managing time-sucks. In what ways do you see yourself building obstacles to your own creativity and innovation? How might you break free of your own limits? Tweet me or leave a comment below to join the conversation. Read more →

Learn: Spontaneity

Those who act spontaneously trust their past experiences and their own judgment. Their spontaneous actions align with their personal values and interests. Without realizing it, many of us stick to comfortable routines and choose experiences we know over those we don't. We act without thinking, without awareness. My own challenge is to learn to pay more attention and actively seek out different experiences, to take an extra moment of consideration to make sure I'm open to what's out of the ordinary. What will you do to invite spontaneity into your life? Read more →