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Learn: Letting Go of Expectations

Creating and tracking expectations takes personal energy that we can use more productively on self-awareness and mindfulness. Facing each day with an open mind can help us see and understand the world around us, including what's happening to us and what others are experiencing. Letting go of expectations can lead us to more thoughtful reactions to events and to others' behaviors. Read more →

This week, words have resisted fitting together well on my page. Today I want to shift focus and try something different. This cross-section of my thoughts offer a slice of what's happening in my world. What ELSE? What have you been exploring or learning? What do you have to share, (etc.)? Leave a comment or send me a tweet! Read more →

Learn: Optimism

Optimism isn't just a half-full glass or pitcher of lemonade squeezed from life's lemons. The Mayo Clinic credits positive thinking with enhancing a person's general well-being through improved cardio health, better coping skills, "effective stress management," and even a longer life. In his book Focus on the Good Stuff, Mike Robbins asserts that a positive outlook can help you enrich relationships and realize "greater success and fulfillment." Psychologist David Niven points to numerous scientific studies that link happiness with optimism in his book 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People. Is optimism something ingrained in one's personality? Or can we learn how to see things from the positive side? Read more →

Learn: Forgiveness

Over time, I realized I could take my gloves off and play my forgiveness card without waiting for apologies. The idea of forgiveness without apology was like an epiphany. Without grudge-laden gloves, I could touch the full love and trust in my heart; I could feel a more complete faith in humanity and in my dreams. I could recognize my imperfection. Read more →