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In their books and blogs, creative people tend to tell parallel stories about similar creative experiences. The seeds of these creativity truths tumbled around in my head until I was able to articulate them with words. After the ideas sunk in, I settled on these 10 Truths of Creativity: Everyone... Read more →

We are the biggest obstacles to our own creativity and innovation. You can break through these obstacles by allowing yourself to learn from mistakes, avoiding imitation, giving yourself time and space to create art or ideas and managing time-sucks. In what ways do you see yourself building obstacles to your own creativity and innovation? How might you break free of your own limits? Tweet me or leave a comment below to join the conversation. Read more →

In order to maintain an environment that encourages creativity, in order to maintain awareness of our responses to creativity, we must embrace imperfection: because mistakes play a vital role in creative process. Imperfection can serve as a springboard for creativity and innovation. When you try on a mindset of imperfection, you might be surprised by how your child's or your own innovation, ideas and creativity can blossom. Where can you see the value of imperfection in your own life? Leave a comment or send me a tweet. Read more →