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In order to maintain an environment that encourages creativity, in order to maintain awareness of our responses to creativity, we must embrace imperfection: because mistakes play a vital role in creative process. Imperfection can serve as a springboard for creativity and innovation. When you try on a mindset of imperfection, you might be surprised by how your child's or your own innovation, ideas and creativity can blossom. Where can you see the value of imperfection in your own life? Leave a comment or send me a tweet. Read more →

Learn: Spontaneity

Those who act spontaneously trust their past experiences and their own judgment. Their spontaneous actions align with their personal values and interests. Without realizing it, many of us stick to comfortable routines and choose experiences we know over those we don't. We act without thinking, without awareness. My own challenge is to learn to pay more attention and actively seek out different experiences, to take an extra moment of consideration to make sure I'm open to what's out of the ordinary. What will you do to invite spontaneity into your life? Read more →

Learn: Letting Go of Expectations

Creating and tracking expectations takes personal energy that we can use more productively on self-awareness and mindfulness. Facing each day with an open mind can help us see and understand the world around us, including what's happening to us and what others are experiencing. Letting go of expectations can lead us to more thoughtful reactions to events and to others' behaviors. Read more →