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This current series about art journaling began with a republished piece, Learn: Journaling through Art, and continued with last week's Learn: Art Journaling as Listening. Today's post explores the art journaling topics of beginning, art journaling topics, and tools and techniques. Art Journaling: Beginning The first step in art journaling... Read more →

This week I'm eagerly anticipating this Saturday's Art Journaling workshop for which I teamed up with expressive arts coach Briana Goetzen. I'm looking forward to deepening my understanding of what art journaling can be and am excited to dig in and try my hand at art journaling. (There's still room... Read more →

In writing this post about clarity and certainty, I feel a little bit like I'm trying to catch fog with a butterfly net. I'd love to read your thoughts and insights about this seemingly elusive topic. You're invited to comment here on the blog or in the Facebook community, or connect with me via twitter. Read more →

About a month ago I returned to the practice of writing Morning Pages after dropping the habit for a couple years. And I'm glad I'm listening to myself through this (almost) daily writing-dump practice. How about you? How do you listen to yourself? How do you honor your heart? You're invited to share your listening stories. Read more →