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Six months ago today, my 86-year-old grandpa died at home on a beautiful early-Spring afternoon. During Grandpa's last ten days, I came to understand that death, just like life, is a miracle. Over and over, I have replayed the simple, now-sacred moments I had spent with Gramps during those last days. Though my grief has lightened, I don’t know that it will ever go away. Read more →

Explore: What Would You Bottle Up if You Could?

Around the same time I started L+E+S, my 8-year-old and I were in the car on an errand. On that sunny spring day, the windows were wide open as we drove, and Allison wistfully commented, "I wish I could grab air." Having so recently started blogging, I was hyper aware of our interaction and recognized her wish as the golden moment it was. "What would it feel like?" I asked. "I don’t know," she responded. "What would you do with it?" I probed. Her matter-of-fact answer came quickly, "Put it in a jar. Or a bouncy house." ... What would YOU put in a jar? Read more →