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Though October has barely begun, it will pass swiftly. Each day on the October calendar seems to be full already. A few ways in which my time has been filled include exploring The Girl Effect opposition, learning the value of mapped to-do lists and sharing resources on meditation. What have you been exploring or learning? What do you have to share, (etc.)? Read more →

Explore: Meditation

This entry, a follow-up to Learn: Meditation, offers an annotated list describing meditation resources. Included in the list are: Teach Yourself to Meditate in 10 Simple Lessons by Eric Harrison; Meditation: Simple Steps to Peace, Well-Being and Contentment by John Hudson; The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thích Nhãt Hanh; The Not So Big Life by Sarah Susanka; and Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Online resources for Centering Prayer cap the list. If you are someone who practices meditation, Centering Prayer or another form of being still, I am interested in hearing about your experiences or your concerns. Read more →

Learn: Meditation

Today's post offers an overview of meditation: what it is; where, when and how to meditate; and how to know if you're meditating "correctly." Though I have been interested in meditation for many years, I only began meditating on a fairly regular basis earlier this year. As many proponents suggest it will do, meditation has brought a measure of clarity to my life―not every day and certainly not all day long―but I have found that I can more easily listen to my mind (or my soul, if you will) when I have consistently spent some time in meditation. Read more →