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During times of transition, making a point to notice my breath can help me recognize and acknowledge changes. One afternoon I captured a video of my peaceful surroundings near a northern Minnesota lake. Watching this video at home can help me let go of my body's tension and focus more clearly on the now. I hope you can experience a similar letting go as you enjoy this 3-minute recording. Read more →

Taking a day off from projects at home this past weekend, we hit the interstate and drove a few hours to Lake Superior’s North Shore. I expected to return home feeling rejuvenated but was surprised to come home with a few more lessons in my hiking pack. My question for you today: What is your heart telling you? Read more →

Share: Tranquility

Today's Reverb11 prompt comes from Yoga Freedom's list: "Tranquilo (Calm). Sometimes the most beautiful, memorable moments are also the quietest." The quiet, beautiful moment I share here features a minute-long iPhone video of a sunny lake. (Ahh, summer in northern Minnesota ... sigh.) What quiet, beautiful moment did you experience in 2011? Read more →

Share: Monday (Minnesota) Music

The Minnesota State Fair opens on Thursday, so today is a great Monday to celebrate Minnesota music. I hope you enjoy this small Minnesota music collection, featuring Mason Jennings, Haley Bonar, and Halloween, Alaska. Share your favorite Minnesota or homestate music suggestions with me here or on twitter. I'd love to hear what you love listening to! Read more →