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Thursday is one of the days when I participate in a weekly online professional gathering at noon. This week's topic was navigating disorientation, something we all seem to be able to relate to these days. My wise psychologist colleagues pointed out how routines serve to ground us and help us mark time. This insight has me thinking about ways I can introduce additional day-of-the-week routines to my current state of being. Are you feeling disoriented about what day and/or date it is? Do you have daily rituals that help you mark time? What routines do you find helpful or comforting? Read more →

Throughout this difficult time (and maybe more this past week than previously), my emotions have been ping-ponging around to stress, fear, anxiety, grief and occasionally a sense of security or normalcy. No wonder I'm exhausted by day's end. How have you been experiencing these strange days? What's keeping you grounded and connected to gratitude? Read more →

Share: Monday (Grief) Music

Today the songs I'm sharing are in memory of my grandpa, who died a year ago. I think of Gramps when I hear this music from John Gorka, Alison Krauss & Robert Plant and Local Natives and feel comforted by the songs. What music has brought you comfort in times of grief? Read more →