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Though October has barely begun, it will pass swiftly. Each day on the October calendar seems to be full already. A few ways in which my time has been filled include exploring The Girl Effect opposition, learning the value of mapped to-do lists and sharing resources on meditation. What have you been exploring or learning? What do you have to share, (etc.)? Read more →

Life seems to be moving at lightening speed these days; I am cramming so much into my days. I'm filling my time with meaning: I'm exploring dreams and possibilities, learning about mind mapping, sharing a meditative walk through the redwoods and amazed by the volume of interesting and inspirational work on the web. What are you exploring, learning, sharing, etc.? Read more →

Explore: What You Love

My Three Things—the activities I love—stand like road signs, helping me make sure I continue down my true path. When I have a new opportunity or am asked to volunteer my time or skills, I can check my personal road signs. When I am choosing how to spend my time, I try to consider my Three Things. When I feel like I’m in a funk, I look at my Three Things to help me find a way out. And when I feel reluctant to walk down a new path, I check my Three Things to see whether that particular path is on my true map. Read more →