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This month I'm joining more than 1,000 others in Chantelle's February Photo Challenge. Out of sheer convenience and laziness, I shoot with my iPhone and post my images on Instagram (username: learnexploreshare). There and on twitter, you can follow along with the hashtag #FEBphotoaday. Why participate in a photo challenge?... Read more →

My family is ready for a break from school and work. We're also looking forward to seeing my sister and her family coming to Minnesota for the long Thanksgiving weekend! In the meantime, I have continued to explore (with water-soluble pastels), learn (the telephone's value) and share (information and photos about adventure playgrounds in Germany). What are you exploring, learning and willing to share this Thanksgiving week? Read more →

Share: Valuable Nuggets from TEDxTC

This past weekend, in St. Paul, Minnesota, TEDxTC focused its event on mentors and the youth they inspire, featuring four speakers: engineering professor AnnMarie Thomas, social entrepreneur Greg Tehven, project maverick Solome Tibebu and everyday hero John Turnipseed. Overall, TEDxTC's Play, Learn, Build & Share event offered plenty of inspiration, motivation and food for thought. In this post, I share a few nuggets of wisdom I found valuable. Read more →

Upon the death of Steve Jobs, I repeatedly read in articles, blogs and tweets that creativity is integral across the board—regardless of the field in which a person works. That's the ideology: that innovation and progress depend on creative thinkers. What's the reality in our society, though? What skills does society value? Generally, is creativity valued as much as technical skill? When it comes to creativity, does reality match the ideology? Read more →

Learn: Quantity Time Nurtures Quality Moments

What's more important: quality time or quantity time? My conclusion is that quality time sprouts in "quantity time" fields. Without a vast field that can foster spontaneous moments of pure quality, quality time (think a day's visit to an adventure park) looks like a potted plant sitting alone on a shelf. A potted plant might be nice to look at, but it's disconnected, needing only a little water now and then. A field, on the other hand, requires vigorous tending: sowing, weeding, watering, fertilizing. Read more →