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Thursday is one of the days when I participate in a weekly online professional gathering at noon. This week's topic was navigating disorientation, something we all seem to be able to relate to these days. My wise psychologist colleagues pointed out how routines serve to ground us and help us mark time. This insight has me thinking about ways I can introduce additional day-of-the-week routines to my current state of being. Are you feeling disoriented about what day and/or date it is? Do you have daily rituals that help you mark time? What routines do you find helpful or comforting? Read more →

Throughout this difficult time (and maybe more this past week than previously), my emotions have been ping-ponging around to stress, fear, anxiety, grief and occasionally a sense of security or normalcy. No wonder I'm exhausted by day's end. How have you been experiencing these strange days? What's keeping you grounded and connected to gratitude? Read more →

Learn: Spontaneity

Those who act spontaneously trust their past experiences and their own judgment. Their spontaneous actions align with their personal values and interests. Without realizing it, many of us stick to comfortable routines and choose experiences we know over those we don't. We act without thinking, without awareness. My own challenge is to learn to pay more attention and actively seek out different experiences, to take an extra moment of consideration to make sure I'm open to what's out of the ordinary. What will you do to invite spontaneity into your life? Read more →

Learn: Optimism

Optimism isn't just a half-full glass or pitcher of lemonade squeezed from life's lemons. The Mayo Clinic credits positive thinking with enhancing a person's general well-being through improved cardio health, better coping skills, "effective stress management," and even a longer life. In his book Focus on the Good Stuff, Mike Robbins asserts that a positive outlook can help you enrich relationships and realize "greater success and fulfillment." Psychologist David Niven points to numerous scientific studies that link happiness with optimism in his book 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People. Is optimism something ingrained in one's personality? Or can we learn how to see things from the positive side? Read more →