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Planning a four-day getaway to a northern Minnesota State Park led me to the topic of play. After thinking about taking a break from blogging, I wanted nothing more than to blog about taking a break. So from this breezy "office" full of majestic white and red pines, I will offer what I’ve been learning about the importance of play, a vital activity regardless of our age. Read more →

Share: Forgiveness Information

After I posted Learn: Forgiveness, the topic of forgiveness kept popping up at me. These resources offer expert information about forgiveness. A Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) article too-old-to-link-to (September 2007) led me to this web site, which discusses the stress-busting healing powers and medical benefits of forgiveness. The site... Read more →

Learn: Forgiveness

Over time, I realized I could take my gloves off and play my forgiveness card without waiting for apologies. The idea of forgiveness without apology was like an epiphany. Without grudge-laden gloves, I could touch the full love and trust in my heart; I could feel a more complete faith in humanity and in my dreams. I could recognize my imperfection. Read more →