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Over the past week, I've been appreciating and pondering these words from the recent Heart's Path Explorer Interview: One thing that I think is important is to try and discern the difference between fear and your heart. —Scott Miller We'll get to discernment in a future post. First of all,... Read more →

Experiencing a metta, or loving-kindness, meditation for the first time recently impacted me profoundly, and I'm continuing to explore ways of bringing the meditation's compassion and peace into my daily life. Have you experienced loving-kindness? What are your suggestions for practicing loving-kindness outside of meditation? Read more →

During times of transition, making a point to notice my breath can help me recognize and acknowledge changes. One afternoon I captured a video of my peaceful surroundings near a northern Minnesota lake. Watching this video at home can help me let go of my body's tension and focus more clearly on the now. I hope you can experience a similar letting go as you enjoy this 3-minute recording. Read more →