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This post overviews the ways that I've been living my heart's true path by exploring, learning and sharing. What activities have you been doing to live your heart's true path? I hope you'll share your experience in a blog comment, in our community Facebook page or via twitter! Read more →

This week I've explored south Minneapolis and learned about painting with acrylics. I'm sharing an image of the robin I painted during an evening class and plans to redesign the blog. What have you been exploring, learning and happy to share? Read more →

This week with my camera in tow, I explored a local garden and learned a couple things about aperture. In this post, I share my favorite shot along with a link to a few images that illustrate my learning process. What have you been exploring, learning, sharing? Read more →

As spring arrives early in Minnesota, I'm exploring meditation, learning about a pretty songbird and sharing a video about creativity. What have you been exploring, learning and excited to share? Read more →

For Leap Day, 2012, I plan to pay special attention to how I'm using my time. Along the way, I'm exploring snow-flocked trees, learning first-hand about the effects of poor ergonomics and sharing a bit of twitter serendipity. What are you exploring, learning and sharing this Leap Day? Read more →